I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Black Awesome Net book.

Dear Mum

Dear mum It was a beautiful day. I was so happy because we were going to get our shiny, black, cool netbook. Thank you mum for the netbook I will have fun and look after it. We went to the hall to get our netbooks we got it in a square box made out of cardboard.Then we opened the box it .Then all of us took the N.B out of the white cover and opened it and turned it on it looked cool.I did not expect to get a bag like Etai. My favourite part is when we took the netbook out.I expected that the colour would be red.

The netbook will help me by doing my spelling, writing, maths and english.It will also help me with my research on the internet like the olympics and the five rings that are Blue,Black,Red,Yellow and green.
So we played sumdog it was fun cause we had our own password and username.I love N.B cause I will miss you in the weekends.Now the netbook is easier to work with and it is fun.

Thank you mum for the $200 dollars you spent on my netbook I am having fun with it at school thank you for everything Mom I love you.

You Son