I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Monday, 23 December 2013

The America's Cup


Team New Zealand's charge to the America's Cup was again stalled by the weather today,  just after they had thumped Oracle in the opening race to get to match point.

Dean Parker’s crew delivered a magnificent 15 second win to get within the point of the cup in race eleven. And they almost got to start the second race - it was literally postponed when barker had control of rival Jimmy Spithill right on the start line - only for the wind to get over the 19.9-knot threshold that had been adjusted to accommodate another heavy outgoing tide.

The umpire’s came to stop racing and reset the clock for another 15 minute countdown.It was huge frustration for Team New Zealand, although they were later seen doing some repair work to Aotearoa as the clock ticked away again.

Eventually regatta director Iain Murray called off the day's racing. So Oracle live to fight another day, still needing eight wins to keep the cup while New Zealand need just one more win for glory.
That will have to wait till tomorrow as this agonising campaign draws out.

Monday, 16 December 2013


Kowhai ngutukaka or Kakabeak is a shrub found only in New Zealand. It is a member of the pea family and its closest relatives are in Australia. In spring it produces stunning large red flowers which hang in clusters of 15-20 blooms.

Description :

It has bright green seed pods which turn brown and split open when dry. These pods contain large numbers of tightly packed small black seeds.

This tree is found in New Zealand. It is found near the forest and near the trees and bushes.  this plant can grow up to 2-3m tall, producing long, trailing stems that form new plants when they come into contact with soil. In this way.


MATHS:I learnt a lot of strategies like counting on, skip counting, doubles, Multiplication, division, Subtraction and many more.......

1.On the blog we learnt to make good comments and good posts.  When we made comments we always had a question mark or a full stop at the end of our sentence.

2.I also learn’t cyber-safety . I learnt to be good on the internet and don’t tell anyone your phone number or your address.

3.I also learnt to use the class site. I learnt maths, writing, reading and English.

4.Reading:In reading I learnt to identify range of language features used for effect and many more.....

5.Writing: When I do writing I can write 4 paragraphs. When I write I always learn something every week. I learnt to use speech marks, commas, apostrophes and exclamation marks. This what I learnt (“  ”  , ’ !)

I learnt to use hyperlink, Pictures and websites.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Beach

One beautiful hot morning Charles went to the beach. Emma and John were in a hurry. On the news it said,
“Do not got to the beach or else there will be a tsunami and a volcano erupting.” Charles didn’t care so he went to the beach. When they got to the beach Charles gave Emma $10 and gave John $5. Emma said,
“Thank you.”
After that that Emma and John came back to Charles They went for a swim. While they were swimming one big ocean washed out Emma. John was laughing. Emma said, “There is sea water in my mouth, yuck!.”
Charles saw another big wave it was chasing John. John said,
“help! help!” But no one wanted to help him. Then one Humongous wave washed out John, Charles and Emma.

Then they got back in their car. Emma screamed. She screamed as loud as a tiger and John ran as fast as a rabbit. Charles said “theres going to be a tsunami. So everyone got out of the sea. But it was too late There was already a Volcano erupting. Emma and John started crying. There was this man name Moko he was scared too but some of the lava went on Moko’s head. Moko’s head melted and one big lava rock squashed him. Charles, John and Emma drove to the tallest Mountain in Auckland. They were safe there. They rested on top of the Mountain for a little bit. when they woke up they saw all the car floating.

They Jumped from one car to another while they were jumping from car to car all the water they saw two childrens trying to get out of the car. Charles took the two children out of the car. They told Charles their names. Their names were Ifa and Timothy. After two hours there was a waterfall all the car fell into the hole There was one large gate blocking all the water. It was a house when. There were lots of people living in that house there was also food and bars and Mcdonalds and KFC. All the water went into the hole and the Soldiers open the gate For the people that were on the Mountain. When they got of the Mountain they slipped and slid down the long muddy mountain they were going as fast as a cheetah. Ifa and Timothy saw both their parents. They were happy.

After that they provided food for them and water for them to drink. They were very tired so they went to sleep in their house they had the their own tv and they also had their own room but they shared the house with the other families. They also made the own tent for other people to sleep in. It was warm. In the morning they went to the pools Charles made one big wave with his hands and said,
“ Watch out there's a tsunami.” Then they started laughing. When they came back from the pools there was one big parade everyone joined the parade and everyone had fun.

The moral of this story is to listen to what the news says and worn others and to tell them what going to happen. If you don’t listen to whatever the news say there is going to be something bad happening.  

By Ifa

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Haunted Tui

Characters : Paula, Moko, Room 9, Mr. Ramklowen, Mary-Ann, Barbara, Driver

Vehicles : Ferry  

When Room 9  went to TiriTiri Matangi we saw a large bird. It was the Tui. It had big black eyes and a yellow beak with black spots. It had white feathers at the bottom of its head.  

The Tui was on a large branch. The branch had worms and bugs. When Moko saw it the Tui started chasing him. The Tui chased him into the cave. In the cave there was gold, Moko took lots of gold and put them into his pocket. When the Tui came into the cave Moko threw a rock at the bird and the bird fell to the ground. When the bird fell, it went into a big hole there was more gold there. So Moko found a sack and took the gold. After that Moko covered the hole with poo and rocks.

After a while Paula and Moko went into the Ferry. The class came but when they came the ferry was already gone so Mr.Ramklowen and the class stayed overnight.

Problem:After a while all the tui’s surrounded Moko’s ferry and started attacking The ferry. Two minutes later a Shark came out of the bottom and ate Paula Legs. She was screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! .Moko started crying. Than a angel talked to Moko his name was Ifa. He asked Moko questions but Moko didn’t want to answer any of them because his mouth was stitched up. So Moko tried and tried to unstitch his mouth.   

Solution: 3 hours later Moko answered one question and everything stopped. Moko started celebrating but the ferry ran into a Big large clift. When the ferry hit the cliff two big humongous rocks fell onto the ferry and crushed the ferry into little pieces.

Conclusion: When we went home we went to Moko house and told his mum that we couldn't find Moko so they had a funeral.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Young Elephant

Don't Try Eat Me Little Crocodile.

My Tiri Book

I was learning to make a flip snack. If you want to read it click over here.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

TiriTiri Matangi

TiriTiri Matangi Island


My information is about a Kiwi. The maori word for Kiwi is Kiwi. This bird cannot fly. The kiwi only comes out at night time and sometimes in the afternoon.
Description :

The colour of a kiwi is brown. The colour of the eye is black. There is a little bit of white and black.

Size :
The great spotted kiwi is the largest kiwi. It weighs 3.3 kg for females and 2.4 for males.
Eats :
Kiwi primarily eat earthworms, fruit, seeds, fungi, insect larvae and other invertebrates. They have been known to eat eels, freshwater crayfish, small lizards and even frogs.

Enemies :
Enemies of the kiwi are introduced species such as cats, dogs and stoats. Kiwi’s are

Conclusion :

Kiwi’s are flightless. When there is an enemy around kiwi’s like to camouflage into the brown leaves. When the enemy is gone the kiwi’s come out of the leaves.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


We were learning how to make a cartoon.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Factions and Shapes

I have been learning about fractions. Today we learn't how to draw fractions of shapes in the drawing program. Sometimes it is hard getting all the fractions the same size.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Tear

A Tear
Today I shed a tear.
I shed a tear when I swallowed sea water.
I vomited and vomited.
My mum took me to the doctors.
After a while I vomited into the bucket.
I vomited and vomited.
The doctors gave me tablets.
I swallowed it and I was better.
My mum said I am not allowed to swim in sea water again.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Basic Facts

In class we do basic facts in mathematics everyday. I am getting better and better at my basic facts every day. For the last basic facts I had over 18%. My basic facts help me with my addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The King That Sacrificed His Brother

The King That Sacrificed His Brother
19 BC. Many, many years ago there was a kind king, his name was Ifa he was king for about two days.( His father died and his name was Kasi he died at the age of 56. He was the old king. Then Watson father killed him so now Ifa is the king). Every morning Ifa always went and said good morning to the people.
Suddenly one day a very evil king from another country and his name was  Watson. He was the king of evil. He lived with his old grandma Rene and his evil cousins Teola, Harrison, Amanaki, Sofron and Sese. The was a war between the two Brothers, one that is kind and one that is evil.
Since 28 BC there was war Watson had scouts and Ifa had warriors. Ifa could control the animals and every living thing but Watson could only control the undead. Ifa had a very strong brother Keaneau. He was Watson arch enemy. so the war never stop. Keaneau said
“Two will stand and one will fall!”.
In 30 BC the war ended so Ifa and Keaneau won the war. But then Watson had a sword he almost stabbed Keaneau, so Ifa  jumped and sacrificed  Keaneau he was crying like a baby then Ifa said
“Keaneau don’t cry and remember when I die you will be king”.     
“please don’t Ifa I need you alive.”
“don’t worry Keaneau because when I die you will have my powers.”
Few minutes later Keaneau had all Ifa’s powers. Two seconds later Keaneau saw Watson. Next Keaneau picked him up and threw him into the  Nile River but before he threw him he took out his brains and took out his guts and stuffed him up with cotton. Next he threw him into the Nile River. When Keaneau threw him he went down the waterfall and never to be seen again.
In 3 weeks later they had a funeral it was for Ifa, after Ifa died, he still remembered when Ifa said “he was King.”  Keaneau took Ifa to the Nile River and he floated. He went straight into a pyramid he wore a beautiful golden mask with blue design. After that they locked up the pyramid. So the Artist and the scribe were painting and writing on the walls what had happened.  
This story was about when Ifa sacrificed his brother Keaneau and gave him all his powers and said he was king.   

Ifa learns through cartoon

I am learning direct speech through cartoon. We had fun doing these cartoons. Next time I hope we do a story in cartoons. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Playing Cards

At Glen Innes school, the children in the senior classes are playing cards. They play them during the morning tea and lunch breaks. The children have devised unique rules to play the cards. The cards end up in a gutter, and they love it!

The challenge:
Is when two people with cards decide to challenge each other.  When they compete they have to try and get the cards in the gutter.

The game (rules):
  1. no dragging
  2. no interference
  3. no bumblebees
  4. no double hit
  5. no line
  6. no backs
  7. no transformers
  8. no running away
  9. no stealing
  10. no gambling

The winner:
You are the winner when you get all the the cards into the drain.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Walking School Bus

Glen Innes School has 3 buses their names are Jitterbugs, Goody, Goody gumdrops and Miss Betty’s bus. The teachers for the three buses are, Miss Lammas, Miss Matt and Miss Betty. Whenever the bell rings the children go to their buses. When they get to the buses they assemble next to the hall. Some buses are under the tree or next to the bench facing Room 4.

The bell always rings at 2.54 pm that is when the the children go out of class and go to their buses. Sometimes  when it is raining they stand under the shelter or under the massive tree. When it is raining they sometimes get picked up by their parents or walk in the rain with raincoats.

Every bus goes to different places. The Jitterbugs go to Epping St.  The Goody, Goody gumdrops walks to Castledine and Miss Betty’s bus goes to Taniwha St.      

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jump Rope

In the morning Room 9 went skipping. It was fun. When Room 9 begins skipping they do forward jumping 20 times. Next they do backward jumping, it is fun. After backward jumping Room 9 do double-unders. Some of the children in room 9 can do double unders and some can’t. Criss cross is the the same as double unders.

After doing criss cross we have a competition to see who can jump for the longest. it is hard. When Room 9 does skipping they sometimes get sweaty or get tired. It is fun doing skipping because when Room 9 does skipping their legs get sore.
When Room 9 were also finding who could jump for the longest. Wesley won.
In second place was Hilda - Rose and in third place was Tane.

In three or four weeks we are going to skip at the Glen Innes Centre. We are going to walk from School to the GI centre. It will be fun skipping at GI because there will be lots of people. watching you.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000

I've been learning to multiply by 10, 100, 1000.  I learnt to count  the number of  zeros and then add them after the other number 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My first eBook

We were learning to create an eBook in class. Look at my eBook here.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

My flipping ebook

We were all learning to make a flip snack. If you want to make a flip snack just click on this web site. Making a flip snack is fun. When you make a flip snack you have to give a story a title. Next you have to save it in your pdf document and upload it to flipsnack and then copy the link and share on the blog.

Monday, 6 May 2013

What I want to learn

Hi my name is Ifa and I am in Room 9 In our class we do reading, writing,maths and topic study on our Net books. In Room 9 I want to learn how to swim whenever I go swimming I have trouble trying to float.

At school we have swimming pool. at the swimming pool we learn how to swim. When we go swimming we have to take our togs. When take my togs I have to take towel and shorts so I could swim in it. When I go swimming I am gonna try to float and try to do a backstroke.

So when I go  swimming I will listen carefully to my teacher  and never play around.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The undercover FBI

Once upon a time there lived a big, dirty, scary shark. He was named after a kind FBI, Jaws.

One day Jaws went kayaking with his family.  Amanda asked if there are any sharks at Kay Kay Bay?  Jaws never answered he just stared at the sea. In his head he was thinking should I take them back to shore or leave them here and let a shark come and chase us. But the a small angel stood on his shoulders and said “take your family and yourself back to shore.”
But then a small devil appeared out of know where and said “ Leave them here so you could have a little trip to Rangitoto. But jaws listened to the angel.

In two hours they were back at the beach. They were making sand castle and having a BBQ. They called all their friends and family. Suddenly Jaws said “Where is Angel ?”
Simon said “She is on the kayak going to Rangitoto.
Jaws said “Why didn't you tell me?”
Simon Said “You never asked.”
Jaws found a jetski. He turned it on and went to Angel.
Angel said “This is very hard I am going to rest.” Suddenly the boat shook, Angel was terrified.

Then Jaws came. He said “hop on we are going to have a bumpy ride.” Angel felt happy and started screaming, "I am saved by my Dad."

But the shark was right at the back of them. So Jaws put the gear on seven. The jetski went very, very fast.  They got back at the beach and hopped into the car.
Jaws was upset. he told Simon and Angel some rules. His rule was:
No more leaving without telling your parents.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ifa's 24 hours Digital footprint

We are learning to create a 24hr footprint.We took screenshot of everything we went on.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ifa the next SBW!

We are learning to create a positive digital footprint. We are imagining what our footprint will look like in ten years time.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Yesterday we learned about cogs. We made two cog wheels and we brought it both together. When we brought it together, we also had to make a hole so the pencil can go through. When we put the pencil through the hole we could spin them. When we spin one wheel both cogs moved. Mr. Ramkolowan taught us how to make the cogs. We made the cogs out of cardboard. Then we drew teeth and cut it out. We all had different sizes of cogs. Tamim and Melissa had the biggest cogs and Pareata and I had the second smallest cogs. It is fun to make cogs.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

All about me

Hi my name is Ifa and I was born New Zealand,Auckland at Middlemore hospital. I am a Tongan but born in New Zealand. I go to Glen Innes School on Eastview Rd in Glen Innes.

I am 10 years old and I am the eldest child in the family. In my family I have four brothers and one sisters. So that means there’s six children in my family. We all had to move to Auckland because my nana’s husband died and she was lonely. So we had to move to her house and go to Glen Innes School.

I like to eat steak because they are chewy, bananas because they are nutritious, chocolate cake because they have nice chocolate icings, Kfc because it’s delicious and bbq pork on rice because they are fantastic.

My favourite colours are blue, black, red, yellow, purple, green and white. I like to play rugby, softball, soccer, basketball and rugby league and at school I like to do more reading and writing and Topic Study.

I am the 1st fastest in my family and I am the smartest child. My dad favourite child is my fat brother. Watson and my mums favourite child is Me, Lillian, and David my little brother and sister. But Lillian is the oldest. Everyday we come back from church on Sunday we have a feed at Valentines. I really like weekends because there is no school.

Every Saturday we have a Rugby game me and my cousin are in the same team. I am the second fastest in the team.The fastest boy in our team is Josiah. I think that he is faster than Siua.

I love my family very much especially my mum. Lots of people say that boys best friends are their dads and girls best friends are their mum.  

My Friends are:


Thursday, 7 March 2013



It was a very wet day and Rugger wasn’t looking to the day’s rugby match. Rugger left for his game.
“What a horrible yucky day.”Rugger got changed in a cold concrete changing room.

“Brrr! it’s cold in here as well!.”
“Is it ever going to stop raining said” Reggae.
“It’s also very muddy said” Ramsey.The game started and soon all the rain, wind and cold were forgotten.

“It might be a little bit warm in here.”
The day was very wet and Rugger was beginning to enjoy himself. Everyone was slipping and sliding in the mud and slush.
“Yuck said Jono.”
“What does mud taste like? Rugger loved to splash it the puddles.
“This is fun.”
“My socks are wet.”

Learn how to swim


When we went swimming I saw the coaches. I was very excited. first they had to test us. When they were testing us I had to partner up with Kaufana.

We had to swim half a length and then come back the coaches said that me and Kaufana were in group two. The coaches told us that they will always come on tuesdays and thursdays.

Sometimes I don’t bring my togs and sometimes I don’t feel like swimming. When we start to have a swim we always have to have a shower and when we get into the pool we have to go our coaches.

I love to go swimming because it helps you swim if are stuck in the middle of the sea and if you can’t swim you will drown