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Friday, 31 October 2014

How to make Otai

Otai is a island drink made with fruits. It is very delicious. There are many types of otai. Theres a apple, orange, pineapple, mango and watermelon otai.

The ingredients that is required are five apples, milk, sugar and five oranges. The equipments that is needed are a wooden spoon, big plastic bowl, plate and a cheese grater.  These equipments and ingredients are very important to make otai.

First grab a plate. Next put the cheese grater on the plate.  After that grate the apples and oranges onto the plate. Next add the milk and sugar into the bowl. Then stir the sugar so it doesn't stay at the bottom. After that put the grated apples and oranges in the otai. Then stir it again so that the grated fruits spread all around the bowl. If the fruits aren't stirred then the fruits will only stay at one place.

When the otai is finished it can be drunk by a lot of people. It can be taken to special polynesian times and birthdays. People can also drink otai at home. Otai can be made anywhere. It can only be made anywhere if it has the right ingredients and equipments.

Otai can be made by anyone. When people make otai they can drink it, but the hardest thing is cleaning up.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How To Make A Cup Of Tea

Walt: Write an explanation

Tea is a warm drink. People drink tea anytime of the day. Most people drink tea for breakfast.

To make a cup of tea you need tea bags, milk, hot water, utensils and sugar. First boil the water. People boil their water because they want their tea to be hot. So if people don’t boil water you will have cold tea. Next put the boiling water in the cup. Next put the tea bag in the cup. Leave the tea bag in the cup so it can brew. After a while take the tea bag out. After that put the sugar in the cup so it can be sweet. When you put the sugar in only put two teaspoons. Lastly you put the milk in. Only put a few drops of milk.

Tea is a very yummy drink. Lots of People enjoy it.